The years following retirement are meant to be filled with excitement and wonder; a time where you can follow your dreams and do things you never had the time, or the opportunity to before. At Albuquerque Home Care Assistance, we fully support this notion and encourage each and every one of our senior clients to remain active and passionate as they age. In our years of working with older adults, we’ve found that these simple activities are great ways to ensure a higher quality of life during one’s golden years:

1. Stay active. While some seniors may no longer have the luxury of traveling as they age due to immobility or medical conditions, there are plenty of other ways to stay active while continuing to learn about the culture and world around them. For instance, visit local museums, take a walk in your neighborhood park or check out your city’s calendar events and attend a live concert or show. While we love it when our clients have a daily exercise regimen, it is important to keep in mind that staying active doesn’t always have to involve rigorous exercise!

2. Continue growing your relationships. Whether by keeping in touch with friends and family or by forming new relationships with those around you, staying socially engaged is a major contributor to a happier, healthier life. If you have always enjoyed going to lunch with friends or playing games with your grandchildren, there’s nothing that should stop you from continuing to do so. For seniors who may need accompaniment to their activities, consider hourly care in Albuquerque for reliable and safe transportation.

3. Pick up a hobby. Oftentimes when someone suggests that a senior should pick up a hobby, the first few that come to mind always include knitting and scrapbooking. While these are great options that offer a variety of benefits, senior hobbies aren’t always limited to these activities. Think about something you were once passionate about and learn more about the subject by joining a club or class. Having motivation to do and learn more offers invaluable benefits for seniors, helping to enhance their confidence, self-worth and independence.

Far too often, growing old is associated with sitting back and managing physical and mental ailments. At Home Care Assistance Albuquerque, it is our goal to change the way to the world ages. We promote total health through nutritious and balanced diets and daily physical activity, but also emphasize the importance of maintaining social ties and achieving personal happiness through calmness and purpose.
Whether minimal help is needed a few hours a day or twenty four hour monitoring and companionship is preferred, we are here to help you live a healthier, happier life as you age. For more information about our customized Albuquerque senior care plans or to schedule a free in-home consultation, contact a Care Manager today.

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