We believe in providing superior service to all of our clients. Our commitment to excellence makes us the premier home care company in North America and maintains our reputation as the “live in specialists”.

Read what our clients are saying about the quality of our care.

“We are very likely to recommend Home Care Assistance New Mexico to others because with them there will always be a caregiver and they always have somebody to cover shifts. Their employees work ethic has been a 10! They have been reliable, easy to get along with and flexible. The caregivers advocate for my mom. They also tell us what’s going on and what concerns they have observed. We’re very happy with the office staff’s communication and helpfulness. My mom’s caregivers were matched with her needs. I look for someone who listens, someone who is attentive and caring. Also I need someone that is stern when they need to be.”

Daniel M , Albuquerque, NM

“On behalf of our entire family, we should like to thank you for the wonderful care you gave to our father Howard in his home.  Dad was particularly fond of Michael as a caregiver. It takes special people to work with those who are frail. Thank you again for your support and patience with all of us during a difficult time.”

Jim, Carolyn, and John K, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“To everyone at Home care Assistance- Thank you for making an unbearable time a comfort to us. All your home care aids were on time and lovely to all of us. I’ll always recommend you and feel blessed that I found such a wonderful organization.”

Patricia , Stanley, New Mexico

“I just wanted to thank you all again for taking such good care of Mom.  I never had a truly worry about her and the care your personnel gave her.  All those caregivers who stayed with her for any length of time were really very conscientious about their jobs and Mom.

Please feel free to have anyone considering your services call me, I would be pleased to give a referral.  In this time of economic difficulties, with increasing numbers of the elderly needing care and unscrupulous home health aides taking advantage, I am so glad I chose your company.  I’m realizing in retrospect how fortunate we were to have worked with your service.”

Lisa, Albuquerque, NM

“I am home now after a very long and productive 19 days in ABQ. I felt so much relief when I was able to get on the plane and leave my dad in your professional hands. I want to thank you both from the deepest part of my heart for the fast and quick action you showed for my dad and our family needs. I knew I was pushing you both for the help needed before I could return to LA.

The day of my departure, I was so pleased to meet the caregiver Suzan. I was able to show her where things were and offer her some ideas for my mom. My dad took off for much needed time away, after trying to calm my mom , I know Suzan was not accepted or wanted by my mom, but she knew this would happen and assured me that this is the usual feeling and it would turn around in time, or if not, there would be another caregiver placed. She jumped right in and made lunch, started cleaning out the expired food in the refrigerator.

When my mom got up from hiding in her room, she had decided to take a walk, Suzan was able to walk out with her – WOW.”

Leslie A., Los Angeles, CA

“Home Care Assistance has provided 16 months of outstanding care and assistance when my husband and I were in urgent need of help due to his strokes and dementia and then took on extra responsibility when my own health was comprised as well.  I will always be grateful of your being there when we were in critical need.

Your staff and caregivers have all been excellent and took care of our needs many times without my having to even ask.  The fact that you provide the background checks on the caregivers and knowledge that you are supervising there performance relieved me of a lot of work that would have otherwise been on my shoulders.  I would be delighted to recommend your services to others and in fact I have already done so.

I consider my family’s association with home Care Assistance as a very bright spot in what otherwise was a very difficult time in our lives.  Thank you for your expertise and professionalism.”

Alice R., Albuquerque NM

“My sister Kim and I were caught off guard when my grandmother went in the hospital while our parents were out of town. When she was discharged we were at a loss of how to provide assistance for her, balance work and maintain other family obligations. I am very glad we found your company. Our caregiver is outstanding and a perfect fit for our grandmother. She was able to handle our grandmother’s demands with respect, dignity and care. Both Kim and I were nervous having a total stranger in the house on that first day but after checking in and meeting Shari we really felt comfortable afterwards. With our grandmother regaining her strength we are both very much relieved.”

Ken H., Albuquerque, NM

“Our family feels so fortunate to have your help in caring for my mother. Deciding to start with part time assistance made the transition to the 24/7 level of care easy. Your staff is so attentive and consistently demonstrates a genuine concern for mom’s welfare.”

Peter J., Albuquerque, NM

“Susan – You are the best! You took time to learn about the client and to match the caregivers to the personality of the patient. Your caring staff meets the clients in a caring and considerate manner and your team was prompt in responding to calls and questions. I will recommend you!”

Mary R., Albuquerque, NM

“I just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how fortunate I feel to have found you and your company. When we met in the fall, I was just beginning to feel the pressure of trying to keep my mom at home. I am unspeakably grateful for your ability to understand not only what I needed to keep going but most importantly who I needed. If you’ll remember, the only thing I was specific about was ‘a bulletproof sense of humor’. You absolutely hit the bull’s eye on that one. Your choice of Kathy Brown to oversee this was a perfect personality match. I am so thankful to whoever’s responsible for sending us these two wonderful, compassionate, and oh so very patient caregivers. Not only did they care for my mom’s needs, they cared for my mom’s…everything. I chose your company based on personality. The high level of care, the attention to detail, the availability and the personalities of your employees, all made the last days of my mother’s life more comfortable. At home, where she wanted to be. Thank you again for having made this very tough time so much easier. There are so many people out there in the situation I was in, and I can only hope they find their way to your fine company. Not only do you have my most sincere gratitude, but you can be sure as well that I will wholeheartedly endorse and recommend you to anyone I know who finds themselves in need of home care assistance.”

Mark S., Albuquerque, NM

“Thank you for your help during these most trying times of my wife’s illness. We found your personnel who assisted us to be very good and professional. We want to acknowledge the superior services of Bernadette she is outstanding in her attention and care.”

Hugh M., Albuquerque, NM

“I just wanted to again express my sincere thanks for your services for my dad. Jeannie is amazing, and Kaleb was more helpful than the entire hospice staff combined! Plus, the professionalism of your organization was very refreshing. On behalf of my whole family, I want to thank you for providing such exceptional compassionate care to my father. It means a lot.”

Beth H.., Albuquerque, NM

“Susan – Just wanted to say how grateful and appreciative I am that you got someone so quickly to help my mother. Your staff and the service you provide is so professional and top notch!! Thank you.”

The Gallegos Family, Albuquerque, NM

“We would like to highly recommend Courtney for any position of trust and confidence. Her untiring dedication to her profession reflects an unparalleled level of commitment seldom found in todays professional community. Her caregiver skills comes packaged in a wonderfully friendly sincere and caring human being. She is sensitive, flexible, respected and admired by patients, family members and her peers. We were privileged to have Courtney for the care of our father for a period of eight months, making our lives and the life of our father more comfortable. She instilled a sense of personal care that was very trusting and we always felt comfortable and secure.”

Robert and Lee W., Albuquerque, NM

“Thank you Susan! I just want to take this opportunity to tell you I remain impressed with your services & your responsiveness to my needs & concerns while you take care of my uncle. I have had lots of Home Care Services, several different Hospice companies & Home Care Assistance stands out in every category! You may quote me. Thank you.”

Linda F., Moriarty, NM

“Mom is a very difficult customer at the best of times, and when she is under stress it just gets worse, so I wanted to let you know that Janet and I were quite satisfied with your organization and the caregivers you sent. Phyllis, in particular, managed to even get Mom to be happy a lot of the time. That’s truly impressive. I know Dad liked her and we had some nice times together. I would be happy to recommend Home Care Assistance and will do so if the occasion arises.”

Brandon A., Los Ranchos, New Mexico

“I talked with Dad and Mom this evening. When I called, the first words out of Dad’s mouth were, “Well, she’s a keeper!” There was an excitement in his voice, and he told me all about Kim and how their day went. What pleased me even more than hearing how they had found so many things in common was Dad’s next statements. He said, “I was kind of worried about what would happen if I had to have surgery today or something, and then I remembered that I could just call Home Care Assistance and tell them that I was needing some help. That made me feel safe.”

It has been really interesting to see my parents do a 180 degree turn around with their attitude toward assistance. I’m so pleased with the “new friends” my parents have made, and the huge difference having them has made in their comfort, safety, and activity. Mom has been more active and involved in the last 2 weeks than she has been in the last 2 years. Thanks for doing an excellent job!”

Barb T., Albuquerque, NM

“Thank you for selecting someone who is just the right fit for our situation. Lori is great. I quickly realized that she does not need a lot of direction, so we calibrated after she learned the routine and I just told her “do whatever needs to be done and is in the scope of the job, don’t have to ask” and she just jumped in and is SO helpful to me. She cooks and puts the laundry in and does the dishes after she feeds mom. It’s simply amazing and I am incredibly grateful. I told her sh is for sure “in the right job” as a caregiver.”

Jan, Albuquerque, NM