Did you know that depression is one of the most common conditions affecting the elderly? While depression affects individuals of all ages, depression is a serious health concern for seniors as they face unfamiliar events such as retirement, the death of loved ones and advanced medical problems. These events often leave seniors with feelings of worthlessness and sadness, which can quickly turn into depression.

While the symptoms of depression are the same for seniors as they are for younger individuals, they can be harder to identify. If you are concerned about the health and wellbeing of your loved one and think they may be suffering from depression, Home Care Assistance, a trusted provider of home health care in Albuquerque, provides a list of warning signs to watch for. Your elderly loved one may be suffering from depression if they:

  • Are constantly worried, anxious and are increasingly irritable
  • Display a lack of energy and motivation
  • Have begun neglecting personal hygiene such as bathing
  • Experience a loss of appetite or show noticeable weight loss
  • Lose interest in hobbies and other pleasurable pastimes

Many depressed seniors often deny feeling sad and instead contribute their lack of activity to physical problems. These constant and sometimes exaggerated physical complaints are one of the most common symptoms of depression in the elderly. If you have an aging parent or loved one who displays any of the above warning signs, seek professional assistance and contact an Albuquerque senior care professional.

The most important way to help your loved one cope with and overcome depression is through listening and encouragement. Make them feel loved and important and provide them with the companionship, support and assistance they need. For more information about depression in the elderly, contact Albuquerque Home Care Assistance and learn how our home care services can enhance the life of your aging parent or loved one.

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