For those who may not be able to leave their place of residence due to health or mobility concerns, finding meaningful and engaging ways to spend their time can be difficult. Because mental stimulation can offer numerous advantages, including sustaining cognitive skills and improving mood, it’s important to find activities that continue to utilize cognitive abilities. With that said, Home Care Assistance, a trusted provider of home care, Albuquerque can rely on, wanted to share some of our favorite mentally stimulating activities for the homebound:

  1. Reading – This is perhaps one of the oldest means of stimulating the mind of those who cannot venture out into the world. Reading a good book offers the homebound copious opportunities to experience the perspective, adventures, and lives of other people in other places and circumstances. These days, many books are available in large-print or through e-readers with accessibility options. Many public libraries also offer homebound services or book pick-up and delivery, offering thousands of titles for extended check-out periods.
  1. Jigsaw Puzzles and Sudoku – Like books, jigsaw puzzles and games of Sudoku come in a variety sizes. Puzzles are a particularly good way to challenge both mind and manual dexterity, plus they do not need to be completed in one or even a dozen sittings. Sudoku challenges the brain with math and logic and can be done just as easily in a comfortable bed as anywhere. These two activities tap numerous cognitive skills, providing a good workout for a mind that might otherwise be idle.
  1. Writing – For many homebound seniors, writing can be an engaging pastime, especially for those who have memories and experiences they want to share in a durable form than merely telling their stories for visitors. Writing letters to friends who remember when the practice was more commonplace can also be immensely satisfying. Learning to compose emails to younger friends and family members can also be a great way to engage with loved ones and technology.
  1. Crafting – For homebound seniors whose hands have not lost their strength, few occupations are more satisfying than creating something new from scratch, such as knitting a sweater, making a quilt, or whittling chessboard figures. Any of these crafts can be learned in later years, but many seniors already know a craft from their childhood, depending on how and when they were raised. Returning to this craft in later years can stimulate the memory, in addition to providing focus and goals.

Being homebound doesn’t need to involve slow hours of watching the television. Stimulating activities are available to make the time pass with enjoyment and accomplishment instead.

For more information about mentally stimulating activities for the elderly and homebound, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Albuquerque today. We are a leading provider of home care, offering an exclusive wellness program to our clients, The Cognitive Therapeutics Method. Using engaging games and activities, our expertly trained and compassionate caregivers can help their clients promote mental acuity and brain health to prolong cognitive health longer.

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