Regular visits to the doctor are essential for keeping senior adults in the best possible health. Yet, many seniors may express resistance when it comes time for their appointment. While this can be due to a variety of reasons, there are many preparations caregivers can make to help make doctor’s appointments easier for seniors.

Step 1: Discuss the Upcoming Appointment
Caregivers should avoid surprising senior adults with a visit to the doctor. Instead, sit down with the senior during a calm moment and explain the reason for the doctor appointment. Then, ask the senior if they have any concerns or reservations about the upcoming visit.

Step 2: Address the Senior’s Concerns
Seniors may provide a reason why they are resisting their appointment. For example, some may insist that they are fine, or others may say that they are scared to hear that something is wrong. Take the time to listen to each concern and provide reassurance.

Step 3: Ask If They Want Accompaniment
As a senior expresses their concerns, it can be helpful to offer solutions. Some seniors may feel better having someone they know and trust come with them to the appointment. Offer to either go with them or provide a companion or part-time caregiver in Albuquerque who can provide support throughout the visit to the doctor.

Step 4: Arrange for Transportation
Some seniors may worry about how they will get to their appointment. Even seniors who still drive well may be uncomfortable driving in an unfamiliar area. Fears about driving to the doctor can easily be alleviated by arranging for transportation to and from the appointment.

Step 5: Pack Activities to Keep Them Distracted
Waiting for the doctor can increase a reluctant senior’s anxiety. Try to bring along a bag with snacks and activities to distract the senior during long wait times. Card games, magazines and audio books are all great options that can be enjoyed in any waiting room.

Step 6: Plan a Positive Experience for After the Appointment
After the appointment, provide positive reinforcement by planning an experience with the senior. A trip out to lunch, small gift or even some praise during the car ride home can all help to boost a senior’s confidence when it comes time for the next appointment.

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