Can a dry wit dehydrate the body? Does a sick joke really make you ill? Of course not – although Miss Manners would say both are better in moderation. At Home Care Assistance of Albuquerque, we think finding something funny and expressing it is good for you as you age!

Health Benefits of Laughter

Researchers say there are several possible benefits of laughter, particularly for the elderly. Hearty laughing, while it lasts, is a form of light exercise. It burns calories and can help lower blood sugar in diabetics. There is also some evidence that laughter has protective effects against heart disease by promoting blood circulation, reducing stress, and rebalancing blood pressure. Laughing may also help reduce the damage associated with age-related memory loss.

Laughter Therapy for Seniors

Bear in mind, the research on laughter is not definitive. All we can say is it may have health benefits under certain conditions. While chortling may or may not be a boon for the body, it’s definitely healthful for our social life. This is the idea behind ‘laughter therapy,’ a trendy form of group therapy among a growing number of seniors.

In laughter therapy, older adults gather and tell stories and jokes and do activities together, purposely generating a lighthearted atmosphere and comic relief among friendly peers. Participants say laughter therapy helps ward off depression, loneliness, and negativity.

Our Favorite Medicine

Reacting to humor can put us in a cheery mood, renew our self-confidence, and assist our bonding with the people around us. By taking a load off and providing a harmless, feel-good coping mechanism, cracking up helps uplift us in both mind and body.

As a leading provider of senior care in Albuquerque, we know that giggling is no cure-all, nor a substitute for actual medical care. However, it is 100 percent free and has wonderful side effects! Even if it’s not literally the best medicine, all these perks make it our favorite medicine by far.

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