While we can easily purchase supplements to provide necessary vitamins and minerals, the best source for these compounds are whole natural foods. Research has shown that three or more servings of berries per week can decrease the risk of heart attack and slow mental decline.

At Home Care Assistance of Albuquerque, we love berries because they are fantastic sources of vitamins, minerals and disease fighting antioxidants which can help prevent illness and avoid serious conditions. The following are some of the most beneficial berries for seniors and older adults:

  • Blueberries– Blueberries are typically at the top of lists referencing antioxidant benefits and are proven to slow the aging process by reducing cell damage. Because of this, blueberries have been shown to help prevent deterioration of collagen, maintain bone strength, and reduce risks related to cataracts, glaucoma, heart disease, varicose veins, and peptic ulcers.
  • Strawberries – Strawberries contain phenols and other important vitamins which help protect against disease and promote good health. Specific benefits from eating these red berries include helping to protect the brain, reduce macular degeneration, and slow the growth of liver and esophageal cancer cells.
  • Blackberries – Cancer and chronic disease fighting vitamins C and E as well as ellagic acid and soluble fiber are in high concentration in blackberries. These essential compounds help lowers cholesterol and slow both oral cancer and colon cancer cells. 
  • Cranberries – Cranberries have a long history of use for health concerns such as wound treatment, diabetes, urinary tract issues, stomach ailments, diarrhea, and liver issues. Studies have found that these berries help both heart disease and yeast infections. Research is also being done to determine any impact on cancer, stroke, and infection.
  • Goji – A superfood from Asia which has long used by Chinese herbalists, goji berries as shown to help eyesight, immune system function and longevity. These berries – eaten raw, cooked or dried – also help treat high blood pressure and diabetes.

Interested in learning more about senior health? Reach out to Home Care Assistance of Albuquerque today. Our unique approach to senior care, The Balanced Care Method™, focuses on the importance of eating a healthy diet while also maintaining a regular exercise routine, social ties and feelings of calmness and purpose.

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