It is time to make New Year’s resolutions again. Almost 72 percent of all Americans make resolutions each year. Yet, only 8 percent are successful in keeping them. Here are seven New Year’s resolutions Albuquerque home care experts suggest family caregivers might want to reflect on this year.

1. See Your Doctor

You cannot take care of other people if you are not taking care of yourself. Make sure to see your doctor this year and follow through on any suggestions he or she makes.

2. Read a Good Book

There are many good books available no matter what you are interested in. If you have trouble finding one you want to read, head to your local library where the librarians can give you great suggestions based on your interests.

3. Journal

Writing out your thoughts and emotions every day or every other day can be very therapeutic. Keep a journal to help you reflect on the positive changes you make throughout the year.

4. Accept Offers of Help

Many people are willing to help you out with your caregiving tasks. Make a list of what needs to be done. When a person asks if they can help, give them a task off your list. Family caregivers can also look into hiring Albuquerque live-in caregivers or hourly caregivers to help a loved one with daily tasks.

5. Talk to Someone Each Day

One of the things many family caregivers face is isolation. Find a way to connect with someone each day. You can do it on Facebook or give someone a friendly call.

6. Investigate Local Resources

There are many resources in your local community that you might not be aware of. Call your local Area Agency on Aging program to see how they can help you care for your loved one.

7. Shake Off Self-Doubts

You will have moments of self-doubt through the coming year. Shake them off by realizing you are doing the best you can do each day. Each day brings new opportunities. If you don’t succeed on one day, get up the next morning and begin anew. You will be successful because your senior loved one is counting on you.

A family caregiver can take on many tasks for a loved one and end up overlooking his or her own needs in the process. At times when it becomes challenging to meet a loved one’s needs, families might consider hiring Albuquerque home caregivers to help care for their loved ones. Caregivers from Home Care Assistance can help seniors manage daily tasks such as meal prep, light housekeeping, and personal grooming. We also offer more comprehensive dementia, Alzheimer’s, and post-stroke care. Call 505-798-0800 to speak with a knowledgeable Care Manager to learn more about our flexible in-home elder care options.

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