There are many aspects of looking after a senior with dementia or Alzheimer’s that a caregiver might feel he or she has no control over. Focusing on the things that can be controlled allows a caregiver to feel more in control of the situation while providing a more comfortable environment for your senior loved one. Albuquerque dementia home care experts have identified five environmental factors that, when controlled, can help a loved one with dementia feel more peaceful.

1. Light

Seniors with dementia tend to do better in an environment with plenty of light. Install lighting to eliminate shadows in the home. Seniors with dementia often find swirling lights, sometimes caused by the sun bouncing off objects outside, disturbing. Consider closing the curtains or moving the outside objects.

2. Noise

Another environmental factor that should be controlled in your loved one’s environment is the level of noise. Start by having your loved one’s hearing evaluated. Try to keep the environment as quiet as possible. Creating a soundproof room can allow the rest of the family to carry on with daily life, while giving your loved one a quiet environment.

3. Privacy

Many seniors with dementia cannot be left in the bathroom alone. Create a comfortable environment in the bathroom where you can easily control the temperature of the room and the water. Make sure all supplies are within easy reach. Tasks such as bathing can be challenging for seniors with dementia, and you may want to consider hiring 24/7 or hourly home care Albuquerque families can rely on.

4. Lost Items

Many people have been saying they will get organized for many years. When an elderly loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, create an organized space for everything in the home to maintain stability and reduce anxiety. While you are organizing the space, make sure to give your loved one an area where he or she can engage in activities without disturbing anyone or getting hurt.

5. Room Temperatures

Many seniors with dementia need to be in a comfortable environment. Consider installing personal heaters or fans to keep your loved one at a comfortable room temperature.

Controlling these environmental factors usually makes the caregiver’s job easier. To learn more about factors that can affect dementia, reach out to Home Care Assistance, a trusted in name in high-quality home care Albuquerque families can count on. We provide reliable Alzheimer’s, dementia, post-stroke, and Parkinson’s care, and our experienced caregivers are trained to boost your loved one’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Call 505-798-0800 to find out more about our elder care services.

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