If your senior loved one is visually impaired, then there are lots of fun activities that they can still do with you or Albuquerque in-home caregivers. While it may take some extra planning, these activities are sure to lift his or her spirits and give your loved one something to occupy their time.


Planting in containers helps seniors know what plant should be there and the ones that should not be there. Pots can be placed in the ground or used to decorate inside steps and walkways. Potted plants can also easily be grown inside if your loved one has trouble getting around outdoors. A variety of plants grow well in containers including fragrant flowers and fresh herbs, both of which can engage your loved one’s other sensory perceptions.

Listening to Music

Listening to music lifts almost everybody’s mood. Seniors who are visually impaired often enjoy creating their own music on instruments or putting on their favorite CDs. Dancing is another wonderful physical activity that can be done with a partner or alone that can increase the senior’s cardiovascular health.

Listening to Audiobooks

Many libraries and bookstores offer audiobooks, which are particularly helpful for visually impaired seniors. These delightful stories are a great way to pass a rainy or cold day. Most are read by their authors while others are read by well-known actors. The topics of oral books are almost unlimited, so every senior can find a topic that interests him or her.

Tuning into the Radio

While watching television may be challenging for seniors who have vision problems, listening to the radio proves enjoyable for both seniors and their live-in Albuquerque caregivers. It is easier to keep up with the conversation as the commentator expects the listener to follow their words without pictures. Many seniors also enjoy listening to music on the radio, but you can still find old radio shows or purchase them online.

Enjoying Arts and Crafts

There are many crafts that can be done without the need for perfect vision. Knitting and crocheting often allows seniors to complete lovely projects just by sense of touch. Other seniors with vision problems may enjoy making pottery or clay sculptures. These tactical crafts are both mentally and physically stimulating for seniors with vision problems.

If you love a senior with vision problems, then use these activities to help him or her stay busy. You might also contact Home Care Assistance at 505-798-0800 to learn how Albuquerque home care can help your visually impaired loved one.  Our highly trained caregivers work tirelessly to boost your loved one’s physical, emotional and mental wellbeing using only the latest in-home care techniques. Call us today to learn more about our services and how they benefit our clients.

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