Because Alzheimer’s typically begins in the area of the brain that affects learning, the most commonly associated symptom with Alzheimer’s disease is a loss of memory. However, Alzheimer’s disease is more than a memory disorder, progressively affecting other aspects of an individual’s capabilities and functions. If you provide a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s care in Albuquerque, knowing the other symptoms of the disease can ensure his or her comfort and overall quality of life.

  • Changes in Appetite – Some Alzheimer’s patients experience a change in appetite, food preferences and eating habits. The reason for a change in eating habits and food preferences may be due to the fact that Alzheimer’s tends to affect the same parts of the brain that influence the ability to interpret different tastes.
  • Deterioration of Cognitive Skills – Usually associated with later stages of the disease, a deterioration of cognitive skills can occur, with some patients experiencing trouble speaking, swallowing and walking. Some individuals may grow increasingly frustrated when not being able to perform certain tasks and will require the help of a family member or professional Albuquerque caregiver to ensure safety at home.
  • Uncharacteristic Mood Swings – Sometimes associated with memory lapses, mood swings may also occur during periods when a patient is coherent and fully aware of their surroundings. In situations like this, the person may be taking out frustrations on nearby family members and caregivers when they realize what’s happening to them and how it’s impacting loved ones.
  • Withdrawal from Common Activities – In early stages of Alzheimer’s, some individuals may withdrawal from social activities such as hobbies and meetings with friends in an effort to conceal symptoms they may be embarrassed to admit having. This behavior often occurs before an official diagnosis when the person isn’t fully aware that something is wrong.

Patients afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease have different symptoms as the condition advances. While there is no cure, advances have been made in regards to early detection and treatments to manage some of the common symptoms associated with the disease.

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