Seniors often lose their arm strength as they age. There are many fun activities your loved one may enjoy that use the arm muscles. Albuquerque elder home care professionals suggest trying these 5 fun activities to help your loved one keep or build his or her arm muscles.

1. Gardening

Planting a garden can be a fun activity for seniors. After your loved one has spent a day hoeing, pulling weeds, and watering, he or she will have definitely used the arm muscles. Your loved one may have beautiful flowers to enjoy or wholesome food on the table as a reward.

2. Swimming

Encourage your loved one to put on a swimsuit and head to the pool. Swimming laps is a great way to build arm muscles. Alternatively, encourage him or her to get involved in a senior water exercise class. The water makes this exercise great for those with arthritis.

3. Horseback Riding

Many seniors enjoy spending time riding horses. The constant tension of the reins is a great way to build arm muscles. If possible, encourage your loved one to also take care of the horse because the brushing, combing, manure scooping, and other chores involved in taking care of a horse are also great for the arms.

4. Dancing

Almost any type of dancing is great exercise for the arms. Consider asking your loved one to square dance. As your loved one swings his or her partner and do-si-dos, the arms get a real workout. The friends your loved one makes are a great way to encourage him or her to keep going to dances often.

5. Fishing

Many seniors enjoy fishing at a local lake or stream. The casting and baiting of hooks all require arm muscles. Seniors who enjoy fishing have to walk to their favorite spot while carrying their fishing gear, which further builds arm muscles.

There are many activities your loved one can participate in to build his or her arm muscles. Encourage him or her to choose one and try and do it regularly. For more ideas on activities that could help your loved one build arm muscles, reach out to Home Care Assistance. In addition to supporting your loved one with these activities, our compassionate caregivers can assist him or her with various tasks of daily living. We provide reliable part-time and live-in home caregivers. Albuquerque families can call 505-798-0800 to speak with a friendly Care Manager and find out more about our flexible care plans.

Published On: February 8th, 2017 / Categories: Nutrition, Senior Fitness /