Halloween is the time of year when seniors can dress up in costumes and eat their favorite treats. Although this is a tradition, seniors need to avoid candies, snacks, and foods that can damage their health. Here are some tasty and healthy Halloween treats your elderly loved one can make this year. 

1. Grilled Cheese Lanterns 

This is a fun twist on traditional grilled cheese sandwiches that seniors may enjoy making and eating. To make the grilled cheese lanterns healthy, your loved one will need to use whole-grain bread and low-fat cheese, then cut the bread into the shape of a jack-o-lantern. This Halloween treat is rich in protein and calcium and high in healthy fats that fight against toxins in the brain that cause dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other cognitive conditions. 

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2. Monster Pie 

This tasty treat doesn’t come with excessive calories and unhealthy ingredients. To make monster pie, your loved one will need avocados, kiwis, almond milk, bananas, oats, and raisins. Avocados provide seniors with healthy fats that fight against toxins. The fruits in monster pie contain fibers that lower blood pressure levels and boost emotional wellbeing. 

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3. Haunted Apples

Giving up caramel apples may be difficult for your loved one, but haunted apples are a nutritious alternative. Your loved one can pair dark chocolate with apples to create an antioxidant-rich treat that can protect his or her heart and prevent a stroke or heart attack. To make this treat, your loved one will need to dip the red or green apples into melted dark chocolate chips. Next, your loved one needs to stick Halloween toppers into the apples to add the decorative feel. 

4. Ghost Eggs 

This simple treat provides the vitamins and calcium necessary to increase bone strength, flexibility, and balance. To make ghost eggs, your loved one will need to boil eggs, then decorate the eggs using a black, food-safe ink pen.

5. Spiders on a Log

Using celery, peanut butter, and plastic spiders, seniors can create this tasty Halloween snack. This is a low-calorie treat that could help your loved one control his or her weight and prevent obesity. The ingredients used to make spiders on a log provide the fiber necessary to promote a healthy digestive system.

6. Jack-o-Lantern Clementine 

All seniors need to create this treat are clementine oranges and a black, food-safe ink pen. This is a treat your loved one can create with the entire family, which can boost his or her mood and lower his or her stress levels. As a result, your loved one could reduce his or her risk of developing depression. Clementine oranges provide seniors with vital nutrients, including magnesium, potassium, folate, and calcium. 

7. Haunted Pizza 

Although pizza is typically considered an unhealthy treat, there are many ways to make it into a healthy snack for your loved one. To make haunted pizza, your loved one will need reduced-fat cheese and whole-wheat pizza dough. The cheese ghosts are small, helping your loved one control the portion size, which is a great way to monitor calories and maintain a healthy weight.

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Published On: October 4th, 2017 / Categories: Nutrition, Senior Fitness /