Setting New Year’s resolutions can be a positive way to begin the year. It can be especially beneficial for older adults as setting goals to focus on throughout the year can boost feelings of self-esteem and independence. The following are some suggestions for New Year’s resolutions that every seniors should consider, presented by Albuquerque Home Care Assistance.

  1. Take Up a New Activity – It’s important for seniors to stay active. Even if an individual has certain physical or cognitive limitations, there are still fun and worthwhile activities that he or she can pursue. A good resolution might be to take a class – from art to dancing to exercise, there’s something for individuals of all abilities and interests to enjoy.
  1. Keep Up with Technology – The latest gadgets have the potential to keep seniors in touch with friends and family members. However, many older adults have fallen behind when it comes to technology. Learning how to use computers, smartphones and social media can be very helpful. Families should encourage their senior loved ones to become more tech savvy and give them help the area if necessary.
  1. Do Some Traveling – As seniors often have quite a bit of free time, this can be a chance to see more of the world. Whether this means taking day trips to the next city or taking a weeklong vacation, travel can enhance the lives of seniors. There are many tours that are especially designed for older people. If a senior is unsure about traveling alone, a professional hourly caregiver in Albuquerque could be utilized to provide companionship and ensure safety.
  1. Be More Social – Staying in touch with people helps seniors maintain a positive attitude. Research shows that socializing can even postpone Alzheimer’s or help manage its symptoms. Seniors should therefore be encouraged to maintain friendships and to stay in touch with the people in their lives.
  1. Absorb New Information – One of the best ways for seniors and elderly to stay sharp and alert is to absorb new information. Reading is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and today’s books can be either read or listened to. Movies and videos are also easily accessible online or at the local library. Seniors should be encouraged to maintain their interest in the world and to keep learning.

If you care for an aging parent or loved one, or are simply concerned about a loved one that lives alone, encourage all of the above activities in the New Year. Offer to accompany your loved one to a new class, on a trip or to the local library, or find a local caregiver who can offer support, assistance and companionship. Doing so can help keep your loved one engaged, happy and healthy.

To learn more about senior home care, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Albuquerque and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a friendly Care Manager.

Published On: January 2nd, 2015 / Categories: Senior Activities /