Taking a passive approach to any aspect of life will usually yield unexpected and undesirable results. Goal setting is an empowering process that helps seniors gain confidence and authority in spite of dramatic physical changes. As people age, they often contend with the fear of being unable to care for themselves, fear of becoming burdensome to their loved ones, and fear losing ground in terms of overall cognitive functioning and memory. As a leading provider of home care, Albuquerque Home Care Assistance strongly believe goal setting and finding purpose in late-life makes it possible for aging adults to enjoy this new stage of life while strategically preparing for the challenges that will likely be thrown their way.

Growth is Important at Every Age

Many people enter their golden years with the sense that their lives are starting to wind down. As long as people are still living, however, there is still room and ability to learn, grow, develop new interests, and explore. People who maintain this attitude tend to fare far better in terms of overall health. These individuals have less stress, positive and proactive attitudes, and a sense of direction. Efforts to establish and achieve goals also bolster and improve neurological functioning and thus, can allow individuals to look forward to getting better with age rather than suffering a slow physiological and psychological decline.

Change is Inevitable

Time teaches people that change is impossible to avoid. Yet, for aging adults with firmly established goals, there is a greater ability to determine the direction and nature of change that is experienced. Learning new languages, making greater social contributions, or even striving for higher levels of physical fitness will produce desirable changes in a broad range of areas. Becoming agents of change through strategic goal-setting allows people in their golden years to enjoy the life experiences that they want, instead of simply waiting to see what life hands them.

Avoiding Common, Age-Related Conditions that Many People Fear

Creating and striving to achieve goals is also one of the most effective ways for seniors to avoid the very developments that they fear the most. Active and engaged adults are less likely to lose their independence and sense of autonomy than those individuals who live isolated and sedentary lives. People who constantly work towards new achievements can also bolster and build their cognitive functioning, balancing skills, fine motor coordination, and overall mobility. This makes goal-oriented seniors better able to care for themselves and better able to make valuable contributions to others.

As a result of goal setting, the golden years can be a time that is rich with possibility, rather than one of gradual loss and winding down. To learn how Home Care Assistance of Albuquerque incorporates goal setting into each plan of senior care, learn more about our Balanced Care Method or call us at (505) 798-0800 and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with an experienced Care Manager.

Published On: May 22nd, 2015 / Categories: Seniors & Emotional Wellbeing /