When an aging loved one has a hearing impairment, trying to communicate can be a frustrating activity. This is especially true when the senior has mild to moderate hearing loss that accompanies the aging process and it is still new to the family. While it may be tempting at times to resort to raising your voice, these strategies provided by Home Care Assistance of Albuquerque are much more effective for enhancing communication.

  • Speak Directly to the Person – Communication always works better when it is conducted face-to-face. As you speak to the person with hearing loss, make sure that they can clearly see your face. This helps them to read your facial expressions and mouth movements. In group settings, encourage only one person to speak at a time which can eliminate confusion regarding who made a specific statement.
  • Provide Visual Cues – Picture boards, hand gestures and emotional expressions all make it easier for a person with a hearing impairment to put words into the correct context. Caregivers who are providing directions regarding a part of the daily routine can also start a procedure such as getting dressed while giving verbal directions so that the person can understand what is expected to happen next.
  • Use Assistive Technology – Technology has brought many new devices that can be helpful for communicating with those who have hearing loss. For example, speech-to-text devices can enable a person to read along as another person is speaking. Devices to enhance auditory reception can also be effective for augmenting one’s voice so that it can be heard easier.
  • Adjust Your Speech Patterns – When speaking to someone with a hearing impairment, Albuquerque elder care specialists emphasize the importance of speaking slowly and taking the time to allow the person to ask for a sentence to be repeated if necessary. Choosing shorter sentences can also help to streamline communication.

Although it can take time to adjust to a person’s hearing abilities, the effort will be rewarded by strengthened communication that will enhance your ability to care for your loved one.

To learn more about caring for an aging parent or loved one, contact Home Care Assistance of Albuquerque. We understand that not all families are in the position to care for an aging parent or loved one and offer a range of care options including hourly and live-in care, as well as dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and stroke care in Albuquerque – all of which are delivered in the comfort of home. Schedule a complimentary no-obligation consultation with a Care Manager today by calling 505-798-0800.

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