For many seniors with Parkinson’s disease, there’s a tendency to withdrawal from social situations and regular activities. To counter this reaction, caregivers need to find ways to keep seniors as active and engaged as possible throughout the progression of the disease. Don’t know where to start? No problem. Home Care Assistance, a premier provider of Albuquerque home care, offers some fun ways to help encourage activity for aging loved ones with Parkinson’s.


One way to keep seniors physically active is to encourage regular walks with a caregiver. This allows a senior to feel safe – an excuse sometimes given for not wanting to go for a walk – by knowing that someone is with them should they need support. If you are unable to accompany your loved one, learn more about services such as hourly care in Albuquerque, where a trained and compassionate caregiver can accompany your loved one on walks to ensure safety, while also assisting with other daily activities and personal care.


Playing games can help seniors with Parkinson’s keep their mind active. This can be accomplished with family game nights with favorite board games or with certain electronic games. For instance, some Wii games that involve active participation can be especially engaging and can be fun for the whole family!

Individualized Activities

Take some time to determine what kind of activities, whether it is going to church on a regular basis or visiting local shopping and dining areas, are of interest to your loved one. Consider making a calendar of activities based on personal preferences and make the appropriate arrangements. This not only helps to boost your loved one’s engagement in outside activities, but gives them something to look forward to which can help promote feelings of joy and excitement.

Mental Stimulation

Not all activities for seniors with Parkinson’s have to involve being physically active. Since a symptom of Parkinson’s can be difficulty swallowing, for example, an activity like singing may help strengthen muscles in the throat. Reading magazines and books or performing daily crossword puzzles can also increase mental stimulation. Even striking up regular conversations can be helpful.

Activities for seniors with Parkinson’s should be based on current mental and physical abilities. This means that nothing is really off limits as long as they are capable of safely performing the activity! If your aging parent or loved one requires additional help or supervision to perform any of the activities and you are limited in the time you are able to spend with them, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Albuquerque today. We are proud to offer Albuquerque Parkinson’s care from highly trained, professional and compassionate caregivers. And because care can be scheduled on an hourly or live-in basis, your loved one has the ability to choose the amount of care that best fits his or her schedule. To learn more, schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with a friendly Care Manager at 505-798-0800.

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