When an aging parent or loved one begins to need help with daily tasks, families are faced with numerous decisions regarding how to best provide care. It is encouraging when several family members want to be included in the decision making process, but what happens when you can’t reach an agreement on where your loved one will reside? Maybe there are mixed opinions on who will provide health and personal care. There are several important topics to discuss, but no one can reach a compromise. This is when it may become necessary to seek the assistance of an Albuquerque elder care mediator, also referred to as a family mediator.
Elder care mediation focuses on how to civilly arrive at the best solution, answering questions regarding the quality of life for your parent or loved one. Family members, parents, medical providers, and anyone desired by family come together in a respectful manner to discuss different opinions and concerns. Whether your aging parent or loved one needs help with daily activities and personal care or requires specialized dementia or Alzheimer’s care in Albuquerque, the main goal of this type of mediation is to reach an agreement that everyone can be satisfied with.

An elder care mediator does not make the decisions for the parent or family. Their primary purpose is to encourage the participants to remain focused on the topics being discussed, clarify any misunderstandings, and provide therapeutic advice if necessary. By involving a mediator, your family member will also be able to preserve their dignity and feel a sense of autonomy by being a part of the decision making process.

Effective solutions begin with healthy conversations, rather than strife. Elder care mediation is a newer, more productive way to make decisions as a family. You can reach positive conclusions regarding provisions for your parent or relative, while preserving your family relationships. A conflict may last for just a short time, but a loving bond shared with the ones you care about will last a lifetime.

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