Seniors can celebrate the Easter holiday doing a variety of fun activities, including arts and crafts. Crafting is a great way for your elderly loved one to boost his or her health and remain active. Here are some simple crafts seniors will enjoy. 

1. Colorful Canvas Easter Eggs

Using plastic Easter eggs, your loved one can wrap strips of canvas around each egg. Once the entire egg has been covered, paint the canvas using diluted paint. Your loved one can also create canvas flowers to glue onto the eggs. Making the colorful canvas Easter eggs could bolster your loved one’s creative skills, providing a sense of satisfaction that reduces the feelings of uncertainty many seniors develop as they age. 

2. Easter Egg Garland 

To make the Easter egg garland, your loved one will need to use dyed blown-out eggs. Use a color scheme or theme when painting the eggs. Your loved one can use ribbons or stretchable jewelry cords for the string. The garland can be placed on the stairwell, around a hallway mirror, or over the windows in the house. This creative craft can keep your loved one’s mind busy and possibly prevent depression. 

Creating crafts and staying busy are two ways to prevent your loved one from getting depressed. Seniors can face a variety of challenges as they age, many of which can be mitigated with the help of professional in-home caregivers who provide high-quality elderly care. Albuquerque families trust in Home Care Assistance to help their elderly loved ones age in place safely and comfortably.

3. Flower Planter

Your loved one can get plenty of use out of the dyed eggs. Crack the egg and empty it. Fill it with soil, and plant a small flower in the cracked egg. Your loved one can place the egg in the garden or in a small planter near the sunlight. An egg planter is an easy crafting project your loved one can do even if he or she has limited creative skills. Making the planter can provide a sense of achievement and accomplishment and boost your loved one’s self-confidence.

4. Paper Plate Bunnies 

This is a fun craft seniors can make with their grandchildren. Your loved one needs white paper plates, crayons, glue, scissors, and cotton balls for this craft. He or she will need to cut one of the white paper plates into the shape of two ears and discard the extra material. Next, color the ears pink and glue them to the mid-back of the plate. Use cotton balls for the eyes, mouth, and lips. This Easter craft will require your loved one to concentrate and use his or her thinking skills, which helps preserve memory. 

5. Tabletop Easter Tree 

Your loved one can create this craft using standing branches from plants in the yard. He or she will also need a pail to hold the tree branches and some clean sand. To make the tabletop tree more festive, buy your loved one an Easter pail. The pails should be the size used for a child’s sandbox or for the beach. Your loved one can decorate the tree with paper birds, dyed blown-out eggs, and other Easter objects. This project can help your loved one relieve boredom, which can prevent stress and anxiety. 

If your loved one requires assistance working on such projects or completing tasks around the house, consider hiring a professional caregiver. Aging adults who need help around the house, transportation to medical appointments and social events, and assistance with exercise can benefit from having a home caregiver. Albuquerque seniors can enjoy greater independence and receive regular mental and social stimulation when relying on a trusted professional who is expertly trained in various aspects of senior care.

6. Knitted Bunnies

Knitting is a fun craft for seniors that can increase their hand-eye coordination. Your loved one will need a simple stockinette stitch to begin this project. He or she will also need some colorful skeins of yarn to make a floppy eared bunny. Show your loved one bunny patterns so he or she has an idea of how to shape this craft. 

7. Bunny Treat Cups

While your loved one is watching Easter films this year, he or she will probably need something to hold pretzels, nuts, and other snacks. To make bunny treat cups you’ll need two white paper cups, a couple of sheets of white and pink cardstock, white felt, and some glue. Cut the paper into the shape of a bunny ear and glue each ear to the mid-back of the cup. Ball the felt up into a tail shape and glue it to the bottom of the white cups. This is a fun activity that can help stimulate your loved one’s mind and slow down cognitive decline.

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