The realization that your parents may need assistance with their day-to-day activities can be difficult enough, and then you must also worry about being met with resistance. While many older adults initially balk at the idea of having additional help around the home, it is possible to broach the subject in a way that will pave the path for an acceptable solution. If you are concerned about your parents’ well-being, try these effective ways to talk to about getting help at home for seniors.

Express Your Concerns

Many older adults become defensive regarding the need for help around the home. To combat this, make the conversation about your concerns. Tell them that you know they are capable of tending to their needs, but that you worry when you cannot be there all the time. Parents typically want to know that their children are secure and happy. If you express that you are fearful for their safety, then they may be willing to try working with an additional caregiver to provide you with peace of mind.

Focus on Independence

For many seniors, a loss of independence is a huge concern, and your parents may initially think that seeking help is the first step toward losing their ability to make decisions. Take the time to explain that having help around the home can allow them to enjoy more independence by freeing up their time and making it less likely that they will sustain a debilitating injury.

Prepare a List of Advantages

There are many advantages that having a caregiver will provide that your parents may not have thought of before. For example, help with planning and preparing meals will enable your parents to spend more time doing things they enjoy. Additionally, professional Albuquerque caregivers do more than just provide for physical needs. Spending time with a companion can help your parent to enjoy positive social experiences such as taking a walk outdoors or running errands around town.

Suggest a Trial Period

If your parents are still apprehensive during your discussion, then you can always suggest a trial run. This way, your parent can adjust to their new caregiver without the pressure of making a permanent commitment. Often, this trial period is what it takes for the full advantages of having help around the house to be felt so that your parent will be comfortable with accepting professional assistance.

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