Since old age can cause any number of dental issues, it is not uncommon for seniors to end up wearing dentures later in life. Dentures are not just important for cosmetic reasons. They also aid seniors in eating food and speaking clearly. Since they are in the mouth all day, proper cleaning methods are necessary in order to prevent dangerous infections from occurring, and proper cleaning methods ensure that the dentures do not wear out quickly. Here are a few tips for Albuquerque in-home caregivers to help their elderly loved ones clean their dentures and maintain oral health.

Brush Daily

Just like normal teeth, dentures can have plaque or other food buildup on them, causing stains and encouraging bacterial growth. Do not use toothpaste, which can scratch and wear down dentures. Instead, use a soft bristled brush and a handy denture cleaner.

Rinse After Each Meal

After each meal, live-in Albuquerque caregivers should rinse dentures in the sink to remove any large pieces of food. This will keep dentures from becoming stained before you can brush them at the end of the day. You can also use denture cleaner or a mild dishwashing liquid while cleaning them after each meal to hinder bacterial growth.

Don’t Let Them Dry Out

If dentures are allowed to dry out, they will lose their shape and not fit properly. Therefore, when they are not being worn, dentures should be placed in a glass of cool water or a denture soaking solution that will not allow anything to build up on the surface. Talk to your loved one’s dentist to find out what the best soaking solution is.

Brush Your Own Mouth Too

If your loved one doesn’t brush his or her teeth, they will become coated with plaque and bacteria that can transfer to the dentures. Having anything trapped between teeth and dentures can cause cavities or other unpleasant issues, so it is important to have a clean mouth before putting dentures in.

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