ADL bathrooms, otherwise known as activities of daily living bathrooms, are specifically modified to meet the individual abilities and needs of seniors to ensure their safety. Alterations may include floor appliques and seating in showers or tubs, sturdy grab bars in various locations, risers on toilets and supportive grab rails. A few well thought out changes provide Albuquerque Home Care Assistance clients with numerous benefits.


Ensuring that a bathroom is free of slip and fall risks is a top priority for family caregivers and senior home care providers in Albuquerque. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more than 200,000 people are admitted into emergency rooms or require hospitalization each year as a direct result of injuries sustained in the bathroom. Reduced range of motion and visual impairment can both lead to trouble for seniors, but ADL bathrooms can reduce the risk of these problems by installing senior-friendly modifications such as grab bars and seat risers.


Getting to and from the bathroom plays a large part in being able to maintain independence. Considerations must be made to address ambulation problems or accommodate mobility assistance devices so that seniors can freely come and go as they please. With an ADL bathroom remodel, seniors can easily access and maneuver around their bathrooms without getting stuck or requiring assistance from caregivers.


ADL bathroom safety modifications enable seniors to feel confident in their ability to use the toilet, climb into or out of the bathtub, and wash their hands by themselves. When seniors are able to take care of themselves, especially in terms of bathroom tasks, it boosts their emotional and mental health. ADL bathrooms give seniors the confidence they need to bath, shower, or use the toilet safely, efficiently, and independently.


A major perk for seniors who maintain their independence in the bathroom is having privacy to accomplish self-care tasks. Many seniors are resistant to the idea of home care as they consider it a breach of privacy, but by installing an ADL bathroom in your loved one’s home, he or she will be able to maintain his or her privacy while taking care of personal hygiene needs.

ADL bathroom safety modifications offer adaptability and enhanced accessibility to ensure that seniors function effectively for as long as possible. There is a wide selection of appliances and devices ranging from simple to complex that are designed to keep loved ones safer in the bathroom. Check out this promotion offered by Home Care Assistance of Albuquerque to give your loved one the bathroom remodel he or she needs to maintain independence. Just visit the link above and fill out the required fields for your chance to win. To learn more about this promotion or Home Care Assistance, call us today at 505-798-0800 and speak with a friendly Care Manager. We look forward to helping your loved one age in place while maintaining his or her independence.

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