An estimated 1.5 million Americans over the age of 65 will be moving this year.  Whether your parents are moving into a retirement community, an Albuquerque elder care facility or are downsizing to a home that is more appropriate for their lifestyle, moving is stressful for seniors, as well as their families. In addition, many seniors find leaving their home emotionally difficult, not wanting to leave familiar and comfortable surroundings.

Home Care Assistance, a trusted Albuquerque home care provider, offers a few tips to help make for a successful and smooth move for seniors.

  1. Prepare for the move.  The first step in helping your elderly loved one is preparing and planning for the move. This involves deciding when and how you are going to pack all of your loved one’s belongings and if storage units are going to be required.  Try to set deadlines to ensure the move stays on schedule.
  2. Communicate with your loved one.  Before you begin packing up items and throwing things out, discuss the move with your loved one.  Try to stay organized and help them sort the items that they want to keep and the items that need to be donated or discarded.  If they are having trouble making decisions, try to be as understanding as possible as it is an emotional and difficult time.
  3. Hire outside assistance.  Moving can be time consuming and exhausting.  Ask friends and family for help or consider hiring professional movers.  There are many companies who specialize in moving senior adults and help make the overall experience easier and more enjoyable.

If your loved one insists on staying at home but requires professional help, consider Home Care Assistance Albuquerque.  Our care services enable seniors to remain within the comfort of home while providing them with the professional care and assistance they need.  Our compassionate caregivers help seniors maintain their independence and quality of life by assisting with cooking, cleaning, light housekeeping, personal care, and more.  Transportation for medical appointments and errands is also available.

For more information about our flexible hourly or live-in care plans, contact an Albuquerque Home Care Manager today at 505-798-0800.

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